Friday, July 14, 2017

If you give a Pig a Parkie.....

Parkie..... Pancake.... all the same to me. I can't get enough of either. Although pancakes are easier to find.....
Alas, today, we have more Parkies.

Bob Turner - Six seasons in Montreal, five All Star appearances,  five Stanley Cups.

Tom Johnson - One Norris Trophy, Eight All Star games, Six Stanley Cups.

Boom Boom. - Eleven time All Star.  Calder Trophy winner. Two time Art Ross scoring champion. Hart trophy winner. MVP. Six Stanley Cups.

Doug Harvey - 50% of people believe Harvey to be the best defenseman to ever play. 50% think it's that guy in Boston. Tough to compare.
Thirteen time All Star. Seven Norris trophies. Six Stanley Cups.

Phil Goyette - Four time All Star. Lady Byng trophy winner. Five Stanley Cup championships.

Once again, the backs for posterity.

Only one more of these Parkie posts to go.............. for now.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Parkie Overload, Part 2.

I promised to show off more of these.... so if any of you are out there, here they are. Well, some of them, anyway. There are still a whack more to come.
I had a couple of requests for backs, so they are here too.... bask in the gloriousness.

The great Dickie Moore - 2 time Art Ross winner, 6 time All Star, 6 time Stanley Cup winner, Hall of Fame.

Junior Langlois - 2 time All Star, 3 time Stanley Cup winner

Bill Hicke - 3 time All Star, 2 time Stanley Cup winner

Ralph Backstrom - Calder Trophy winner, 6 time All Star, 6 time Stanley Cup winner

Don Marshall - 7 time All Star, 5 Time Stanley Cup winner

Not much into typing today.... this heat wave is kicking my a$$. Calgary should not be this hot for this long. If I wanted to live in Phoenix, I would move to Phoenix.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

So sharp, you could shave with them...

Where does the time go?

Meh. Anyways..... I thought I'd show off a few recent acquisitions. These are all in amazing shape. No creases, no wrinkles, no issues, save an off centre or two. But what's that between friends, right?

I won't bore you with card numbers or names, especially since in 1960 they printed them right on the front of the card.

 Just look at that colour pop. Simple. Clean.

Amazing cards. I'll hopefully post some of their friends later.

Oh, Happy Canada Day.


I've had a request to see the backs.... ask and ye shalt receive. (Some of the time, anyway)

C'est fantastique, non?